My passions lie across two dimensions: a relentless desire to connect with others and to build systems to facilitate connection. I believe everyone has the right to live their biggest and best lives, and I want to help people get there. 

I grew up in a large Mexican-American family with its members constantly turning through the doors of my Austin, TX home. I'd exchange the favor with frequent trips to these same relatives on the toasty, red-dusted Texas-Mexico border. This vibrant childhood, in addition to my status as middle child between two brothers, has put me most at ease when surrounded by and connecting with others - I'm forever a student of human behavior.

I'm incredibly grateful for my childhood, though it did not come without its challenges. I saw up close some of the unfortunate trends that disproportionately affect US Latinos: teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, unfinished high school degrees, among other statistics. Thus, when I entered Amherst College, I strove to become a psychologist to work one-on-one with people - particularly Latina adolescents - to alter these realities and rewrite stereotypes. 

My liberal arts education exposed me to much more than social science as the only way to improve others' lives, though. The political, social, and economic structures that perpetuate certain group statistics caught my attention, and I took on other avenues. From there - as they say - the rest is history.

My career has taken me across fields as diverse as clinical social work, academic research, public policy, civil rights law, political organizing, tech, corporate philanthropy, and innovation consulting.  Building communities and improving lives remain at its core. These paths eventually led me the desire to harness the power of tech and business to do just that. 

As of August 2017, the east coast called me back from Austin. I now call New York City home, where I continue to pursue my passion to build companies and organization that make an impact and ride this city's endless energy to where it will take me.

I'll keep you posted from there.




It is interdisciplinary. I collect my observations from my personal life and topics such as self-development, politics, current events, business, tech, and social justice. Be sure to follow me on social media to see more of my everyday journey.