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Over five years ago, I graduated with a liberal arts psychology degree ready to take on the world - but not in the standard career paths my school funneled me up to pursue: law, medicine, academia, and banking. I didn't know about all of the opportunity in business at the time, so I took an internship in DC, viewing politics and policy as the way to make the societal change I wanted to see.

Little did I know that over the next five years, I'd explore careers in law, public policy, political organizing, and nonprofits, before I began to trapeze across the private sector in client relations, marketing, and operations and analysis.

My diverse experience across functions and industries over the past seven years cumulated in over 50 job interviews and 100's of hours of networking and submitted applications. Eventually, I began to have a reputation among my friends and network as someone with whom to discuss career changes and to "get the job". I began to hear how "impressed" people were at my ability to sell myself to employers in a way so I was able to pivot across different fields and different roles. Plus, I heard I was someone who knew the ins-and-outs of using job search strategies such as LinkedIn, leveraging contacts, networking, and resume and cover letter writing.

Additionally, being in-between full-time jobs at time, I began scrapping together the diverse experience I had to take on freelance business clients throughout Austin. I saw amazing results. This career and business coaching only complemented the constant desire from my clinical social work and psychology research days to help individuals design lives they love. I've also found a place where I can project this desire to solve problems onto companies and institutions.

Thus, my "side hustles" began. 

I work in business development for a design-thinking consulting firm in NYC by day; however, I still love assisting individuals with their career and life challenges, as well supporting entrepreneurs' business strategies. Let me know how I can help.


Career Coaching:

Having over 50 job interviews under my belt over the past 5 years, and pivoting across 6+ industries in my lifetime, I've learned a thing or two about the hunt and finding your way in your career.

Getting Started | LinkedIn Makeovers | Resume Edits | Cover Letter Revamps | Modern Job Search Strategies | Interview Strategies | Negotiations | Career Pivots | Millennial Focus


Business Consulting:

My diverse experience has given me a diverse skillset. I've worked with companies from 1 person to 300 to help institutionalize change.

Sales Structure Design | Marketing Strategy | Lead Generation | Meeting Facilitation | Operations and Process Engineering | Consumer/ Client Analysis | Web Design | Pricing Structure


Life Design:

I started my career in social work. Since then been fascinated by creative and modern methods through which to initiate change in individuals' lives. I believe you can make any change in your life with the right mindset and habits formation.


Personal Branding | Life Redesign | Habit Change | Relationship Management | Goal-setting | Positive Reframing | Gratitude and Mindfulness Practice | Health & Wellness


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Reference available upon request. To read more on my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn page.